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Communication sales number 2019-Seoul Gangnam-00417

6F 17-7, Dosan-daero 12-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

117-3, Hoegi-ro, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Seoul Biohub)

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Find hospitals, compare medical treatment costs, and learn about

possible conditions.


Medical platform utilizing medical big data

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Winner of the Health Care Big Data 
Startup Contest (2017)

South Korean Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service

A.I Medical Examination

After telling us your symptoms and inputting your age and gender, we can predict the risk of conditions that you may have.

Enter your age, gender, and location

Enter previous medical information

Choose additional symptoms

Additional questions

You can search 90,000 hospitals and pharmacies across South Korea, and use various filters to narrow your results.

Nearest hospital

Hospitals in your neighorhood

Hospitals that specialize in your condition

Hospital ratings

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Cost of Medical Treatments

We continously update information on treatment
costs and average length of hospital stays among
hospitals in South Korea.

Medical treatment prices

Hospitalization prices

Frequently searched medical treatments

Sort by common conditions or by department

Medical Appointments

We offer discounts on medical examinations at top-rated hospitals, as well as additional coupons, real-time chatting abilities with hospitals, and Kakao alerts.

Up to 49% discount on medical examinations

Real-time hospital consultations

Kakao alerts

Coupons worth up to 50,000 KRW

#1 Mobile Hospital Platform

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Adoc is waiting for your hospital!

Hospital information and advertisements provided by Adoc comply
with existing medical laws in South Korea.

Adoc is waiting for your hospital!

Hospital information and advertisements provided by Adoc comply
with existing medical laws in South Korea.

1. Collection of personal information
We collect hospital name, contact person, departments, location, contact number, email, and inquiry details.


2. Purpose of personal information collection & use
Personal information is used to contact, consult, and manage 
partnerships. We also use this information to confirm your identity, track usage of service and fulfillment of contracts.


3. Usage period of personal information
Personal information is retained until the end of the service contract. However, personal information that is required to be retained under the relevant statues shall be retained for the period specified in the Act.