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Let Us Help Manage Your Hospital with DOCRM!

What is Adoc?

We launched Adoc in 2008 in order to minimize the information gap between patients and doctors. Using big data and an Ai algorithm, we are able to predict possible health conditions based on a short medical history survey.

Adoc is a hospital platform that provides a wide range of medical information, including costs of medical treatments at various hospitals and specialized health information. 

Additionally, through our new medical examination service, we want  to make seeing the doctor easier by offering discounted check-ups  and other benefits.

Personalized Hospital Recommendations

Recommended Hospitals Based on Department

Recommended Health Examination Centers

What is DOCRM?

We are currently accepting applications to have your hospital promoted on Adoc for free!


We have also developed DOCRM, which is a hospital management solution application. Users can make a medical appointment, and once the hospital has confirmed the appointment, a Kakaotalk Alert is automatically sent, which streamlines the reception staff duties.

We record statistical information for hospitals benefits, including customer trends, gender ratios, and age ranges of the people who use Adoc to make medical appointments. Based on this, we provide tailored marketing strategies for hospitals that use DOCRM.

Hospital Account Management

Medical Examination Platform

Manage Medical Appointments

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