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#1 in Hospital Information!

We have more information on medical diseases compared to similar apps in Korea.

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Who are Adoc’s customers?

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This app is very useful for new parents. I was always taking my child to doctors who overprescribed
antibiotics, and after I saw their national rating score, I decided to take my child to another doctor.
This made me realize that this kind of app is really useful and has a lot of information. For new parents, this is a great app! (translated from Korean)
-2019. 03. 05, 성선X -
My husband is starting to get older...which means he has slightly high blood pressure, so I tried out this
app to find a hospital that is good for high blood pressure management. Compared to previous hospitals, the hospital we went to had a really good doctor. I realized it’s more reliable than just finding national ratings on my own. (translated from Korean)
-2019. 03. 03, 하지X -
I needed to get surgery for my sinusitis, but it was great because I could see the surgery prices [on this
app.] Even though I had to pay a little more because of an additional test, the surgery price was almost 
exactly the same [as it was on Adoc.] (translated from Korean)
-2019. 03. 26, 딸기X -
I’m a doctor so I was curious to try this service out to predict medical conditions. The suspected conditions I had for the symptoms I chose were pretty spot on. (translated from Korean)
-2019. 02. 07, SunnX -
Adoc is waiting for your hospital!

Hospital information and advertisements provided by Adoc comply
with existing medical laws in South Korea.


1. Collection of personal information
We collect hospital name, contact person, departments, location, contact number, email, and inquiry details.


2. Purpose of personal information collection & use
Personal information is used to contact, consult, and manage 
partnerships. We also use this information to confirm your identity, track usage of service and fulfillment of contracts.


3. Usage period of personal information
Personal information is retained until the end of the service contract. However, personal information that is required to be retained under the relevant statues shall be retained for the period specified in the Act.