Terms of use of Viva innovation's ADOC service

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Agreement is to specify basic matters, including the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the " Company " and the " Member " in relation to the use of good medical services provided by Viva Innovation (hereinafter referred to as the " Company ").


Article 2 (Definition of terminology)

  1. The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows :

    1. " Member " refers to a customer who accesses the " service " of the " company " and enters into a " service contract " with the " company " in accordance with these terms and conditions and uses the " service " provided by the " company ".

    2. " Service " refers to the good doctor and other related services available to members regardless of the mobile and wireless devices implemented (including personal computers and mobile devices).

    3. " ID " means the combination of letters and numbers set by the " member " and approved by the " company " in order to identify the " member " and use the " service ".

    4. " Password " means the combination of letters or numbers of the members designated by the " members " themselves for confidentiality purposes and confirming that " members " are members in line with the " IDs " granted.

    5. " App lockout password " refers to a combination of letters, numbers and special characters set by the member and approved by the company to ensure that the member has the same identity as the person who has been granted the member ID for the service use and to protect the member's information.

    6. " PIN password " means a six-digit number set by the member and approved by the company to ensure that the member has the same identity as the person who has been granted the member ID for the service use and to protect the member's information.

    7. " Paid service " means any additional service that costs during the " service provided by the company ".

    8. " Use contract " refers to all contracts between " company " and " member " in relation to service use, including these terms and conditions.

    9. " Termination " refers to the cancellation of the " service contract " by the " company " or " member ".

    10. " User " means " member " and " non-members " who use the " service " or the related services provided by the " company "

    11. " Post " refers to the information, photos, videos, and various files and links posted by " Member for Service " in the form of information posted on " On Service ".

    12. " Medical information management service " refers to the service to help a member to check his or her medical information and manage health through the provision of access to medical information stored by the member and medical information provided by the Korea Health Insurance Corporation as a service to provide medical information to the member.

  2. The terms used in this Agreement that are not specified in Article 2 shall be as prescribed in the related statutes and in the information by service, and shall otherwise be followed by general practice.


Article 3 (Publishing and revising the Terms)

  1. " Company " posts this Agreement on mobile applications and websites so that " Members " can easily find out.

  2. The company may revise this Agreement without violating the relevant laws such as the Act on Regulation of Terms and Conditions and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (hereinafter referred to as the " Information and Communication Network Act ").

  3. In the event " Company " modifies the terms and conditions, it shall be notified from seven days before the date of application to the date before the amendment, in accordance with the current terms and conditions and the reason for the revision. However, in case of a revision to the Agreement that is disadvantageous to the " member, " the notice shall be announced 30 days before the application date and the user shall be notified clearly through electronic means such as consent window when logging on to the service for a certain period of time.

  4. In the event that the " company " has not explicitly notified the " member " of a revision notice or informed the " member " of the amendment terms in accordance with the previous paragraph, and the member has not explicitly expressed his or her intention to reject it, the " member " shall be deemed to have agreed to the amended agreement.

  5. If the " member " does not agree to the application of the amended terms, the " company " can not apply the amended terms and conditions, in which case the " member " can cancel the " service contract " However, " Company " can terminate the " service contract " in the event that there are special circumstances in which the existing terms and conditions are not applicable.


Article 4 (interpretation of the terms and conditions)

  1. " Company " can have separate terms and conditions and policies (terms and conditions or policies by service) for individual services. In the event that the contents conflict with these terms, the " Terms and Conditions of Use by Service " shall be applied first.

  2. Matters or interpretations not prescribed in these terms and conditions shall follow the related statutes or commercial practices.


Article 5 (Signs of " use contract ")

  1. The " service contract " is concluded when a person who intends to become a " member " (hereinafter referred to as the applicant) agrees to the terms and conditions and applies for membership registration, and the " company " accepts such an application.

  2. To use the service as a member, a person must provide an e-mail address and password or provide information of one of the social service ID identifiers, such as Facebook, Google, KakaoNaver. In addition, you can obtain consent for the collection and utilization of personal information necessary for the service use. However, additional user authentication and consent procedures are required for some service use applications.

  3. In principle, " Company " shall accept the use of " service " for the application of " applicant ". However, the " company " can not accept the following applications or cancel the " service contract " afterwards :

    1. Exceptions apply, however, if an applicant has previously lost his or her membership under this Agreement, and if the applicant obtains approval from the " company " to re-apply as a member.

    2. In case of using another person's name ;

    3. In case false information is recorded or if the company does not provide the information provided by the company ;

    4. In case approval is not possible due to reasons attributable to " Member " or an application is made in violation of all other regulations ;

    5. In case of an application for the purpose of hindering or harming the peace and order of society or the public morals ;

  4. " Company " may defer its approval in the event of a service related facility availability or technical or business difficulties.

  5. In the event that the member application is not accepted or postponed in accordance with paragraphs 2 and 3, " Company " shall, in principle, inform the applicant.

  6. The " service contract " shall be established when the " company " indicates the completion of the subscription in the application procedure.

  7. " Company " can suspend approval as provided in the information provided in the service information provided in the relevant statutes when the " applicant " is a minor.

  8. The " company " can be divided into classes according to the " company " policy for " members " to divide the hours of service use, number of use, and service menu.

  9. The " company " can impose restrictions on the use of or on the use of the " members " in order to comply with the grades and ages according to the " Youth Protection Act ".


Article 6 (Contents of Service)

  1. The services the company provides to the members are as follows.

    1. Services that provide information about the medical institution : finding hospitals by department, finding pharmacies, finding hospital bills, finding examination centers, and finding injectable hospitals

    2. Services that provide medical information : self-diagnosis, artificial intelligence symptom check, health counseling service, disease information service, test information service, medical information service, medical practitioner information service, vaccination information service, health news service, etc.

    3. Event offering services for medical institutions : hospital counseling service, medical institution advertisement event delivery service, medical institution event application management service, medical institution accompanying service, medical institution visiting nursing service

    4. Services that can check the information collected or entered with the consent of the member: Hospital visit history (hospital name / treatment (visit) date / type of treatment / diagnosis name / visit (hospitalization) days / number of prescriptions / medication (care) days / self-pay / Service fee), pharmacy prescription details (name of pharmacy / treatment (prescription) date / number of prescriptions / prescription drug product name / prescription drug efficacy / number of days), visit history (end of examination / examination year / examination date / examination institution name / opinion), Examination results collected from the Health Agency (examination date / examination location / height / weight / waist circumference / body mass index / vision (left / right) / hearing (left / right), blood pressure (highest / lowest) / urine protein / hemoglobin) / Fasting Blood Sugar / Total Cholesterol / HDL Cholesterol / Triglycerides / LDL Cholesterol / Serum Creatanine / Gentleman Specific Filtration Rate / AST / ALT / Gamma Gypti / Pulmonary Chest Disease / Osteoporosis / Inspection Results / Vaccination details provided by the Center (Infective number / Inoculation number / Inoculation date / Inoculation agency / Backsin name / Manufacturer / Lot number)

    5. Personalized and recommended health examination recommendation service

    6. Allim Talk service when applying for health examination event

    7. Providing information on benefits by healthcare productsservices and providing services developed by other companies or in cooperation with other companies

  2. The free service can be modified, suspended or changed according to the company's policy planning, operation or the company's emergency situation, and the members shall not receive any additional compensation unless there is a special provision in the related statutes.

  3. The company can add or change the contents of the service when it is deemed necessary for the performance of the service. In such a case, the details of the service added or changed shall be posted on the website in advance or notified individually to the members.

  4. In the event that the changes in the paid service are significant or disadvantageous to the users, the member receiving the paid service shall be notified to the member by the e-mail address specified by the member. In such a case, the member who declined the agreement will provide the service before the change is made. However, if the service is not available prior to modification, the company can stop or stop the service from being provided, and the company can refund the service according to the relevant regulations.


Article 7 (Service charge)

  1. The company offers basically free services. However, for a separate paid service, you must pay the fee specified in the service.

    1. The services offered by the company are basically free. However, for a separate paid service, you must pay the fee specified in the service.

    2. The company may charge the fee for the service by way specified by the electronic payment company contracted with the company or by adding it to the company's invoice.

    3. Requests for refunds or requests for personal information by descents due to the members ' personal information theft and payment fraud may be rejected except as provided under the law.

    4. Data communication fees incurred when using wireless service are separate and are subject to the policies of each participating mobile network operator.

    5. The charges incurred when registering postings by MMS or so are based on the policies of the mobile network operator.

  2. The cancellation or refund of the payment made through the use of the paid service shall be compliant with the company's related laws, such as the terms and conditions of payment.


Article 8 (Changes in " Member " information)

  1. " Members " can access and edit their personal information anytime through the personal information management screen. However, you can not modify the e-mail required for service management.

  2. " Member " shall modify the information entered at the time of sign - up process online or inform " Company " of the change by e-mail or other means.

  3. " Company " shall not be held liable for any disadvantages caused by failure to notify " Company " of the changes made in paragraph 2.


Article 9 (Responsibility for Protection of Personal Information)

  1. The " company " shall strive to protect the personal information of the " members " in accordance with the provisions of the related statutes such as the " Information and Communication Network Act ".

  2. The protection and use of personal information are governed by the relevant laws and the privacy policies of the " Company ". However, the privacy policy of " Company " does not apply to linked sites other than the official website of " Company ".


Article 10 (Responsibilities for the management of the " IDs " and " passwords " of the " members ")

  1. The " Member " shall be responsible for the management of the " ID " and " Password " of the " Member " and shall not be allowed to be used by a third party.

  2. " Member " shall notify " Company " immediately and follow the instructions provided by " Company " if the " ID " and " Password " are stolen or recognized by a third party.

  3. In the case of Paragraph 2, " Company " shall not be held responsible for any disadvantages caused by the member's failure to notify " Company " or the member's failure to comply with the " Company "'s instructions.

  4. In principle, the " ID " of the " member " can not be changed. If the member intends to change the ID for an unavoidable reason, he or she must cancel and re-apply the " ID ".

  5. The member ID of the " service " can be linked to the member ID of the " company " or to the member ID of the website operated by the subsidiary with the consent of the member ID of the " service " can be linked to the member ID.

  6. The " ID " of the " member " can be changed or suspended by the " member " request or the " company " authority in the following cases :

    1. In case the " company " registers the " member's ID " with a phone number, it is concerned about personal information leakage.

    2. Repulsion of others or a violation of the anti-social famouse

    3. You may mistake for the operator of the " company " and " company "

    4. If there is a rational reason


Article 11 (duties of the " Company ")

  1. 1, " Company " shall not commit acts prohibited by or contrary to the prevailing customs of the relevant laws and these terms and conditions, and shall exert its utmost efforts to provide " services " continuously and reliably.

  2. " The company " shall have a security system in place to protect personal information (including credit information) in order to prevent the use of " services " by members, and shall disclose and comply with the Privacy Policy.

  3. The " company " shall have the necessary personnel and systems to properly handle complaints or requests for damages caused by the " user " in connection with the service use.

  4. " Company " shall handle opinions or complaints raised by " Members " through proper procedures when they are objectively recognized as legitimate. As for the opinions and complaints raised by the " member ", the process and results of handling shall be communicated to the " member " by means of a bulletin board or by e-mail.

  5. In case the company provides paid service, the company shall conveniently display the following information :

    1. Name or number of paid services

    2. Contents, methods of use, fees, payment method and other terms of use of paid service


Article 12 (duties of " members ")

  1. In order to use the service, " Member " shall register the PIN as specified by the company in the application stage. The registered PIN can be changed through the mobile application.

  2. " Member " shall thoroughly manage his/her authentication means, such as PIN, and shall not disclose them to others. " Member " can be reset in the event that the PIN is lost according to the procedures set by the company.

  3. In the event a transaction suspected of a fraudulent transaction is detected, the company can immediately suspend the service use of the member concerned and apply for further certification as specified by the company.

  4. " Member " shall not let a third party use, disclose, or leave his mobile device, PIN, etc. The members shall take sufficient care to prevent the access media from being stolen, forged or falsified, such as changing their PIN periodically.

  5. In the event of damage, loss or theft of the access media, the " member " shall immediately notify the company in writing or by phone number of the company.

  6. " Member " shall not :

    1. Registration of false information when applying or changing

    2. Stealing information from others

    3. Changes in information published by " Company "

    4. Transmission or posting of information other than the information specified by the " company " (computer program, etc.)

    5. Infringement of intellectual property rights, such as the copyright of the " company " and other third parties ;

    6. An act that damages the reputation of the " company " and other third parties or interferes with their work ;

    7. Disclosure or posting of obscene or violent messages, images, voices or other information in the " service " ;

    8. An act to use " services " for profit without the consent of the company ;

    9. Other illegal or unjust acts

  7. " Member " shall prepare all matters based on facts when applying for membership or changing membership information in his/her own information. In case of registering false or other information, the member shall not claim all related rights.

  8. The " member " can not conduct business activities using the service without prior approval of the " company " and the " company " shall not be held liable for the results of the sales activities. In addition, in the event that the " company " suffers damages due to such business activities, " member " assumes an obligation to compensate the " company " and " company " can file a claim against the " member " through the service use restriction and due process.

  9. " Member " shall not transfer or give the right to use the service or other rights of the service contract to another person as collateral unless the company explicitly agrees with " Company ".

  10. The " member " shall not violate any right, including the intellectual property rights of the " company " and other third parties.


Article 13 (provision of " service ", etc.)

  1. " Company " provides various services for members to use on the Internet and mobile, including all services provided to members.

  2. In principle, the service use shall be operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unless there are any operational or technical difficulties of the company. However, " Company " can suspend " service " on the day or time set by the " Company " for regular system inspection, extension or replacement, and the suspension of service due to the scheduled work is notified in advance through the notice in " Service ".

  3. " Company " may temporarily suspend the provision of " service " in the event of repair, replacement, or breakdown of information and communication facilities, such as computers, loss of communication, or operational reasons. In such a case, " Company " notifies " Members " by the method specified in the notice of Article 9 " Members. " However, if there is an unavoidable reason that " company " can not notify in advance, it can be notified afterwards.

  4. " Company " can perform regular inspection as required for service delivery. The regular inspection time is notified on the service delivery screen.


Article 14 (Change of " Services ")

  1. " Company " may change all or some of the " services " provided for operational and technical needs for a considerable reason.

  2. If there is a change in the contents of " service ", how to use it, or the hours of use, the reason for the change, the contents of the service to be changed, and the date of delivery shall be posted on the mobile application's initial screen prior to the change.

  3. The " company " may modify, suspend or change some or all of the services provided for free as necessary in the " company " policy or operation, and shall not compensate the " member " unless otherwise specified in the relevant law.


Article 15 (Providing Information and Publishing Advertising)

  1. In operating the " service ", the " company " can post various information on the service screen or provide the information to the " user " through SMS, e-mail, and application push notification.

  2. The " company " can post advertisements on its website, service screen, text message, e-mail, and application push notices regarding the operation of the service. However, when " company " sends advertisements through text message, e-mail, or application push notification, the company sends them only according to the " user " who has agreed to receiving them after checking whether or not the advertisement has been accepted.

  3. The " user " shall not change, modify or restrict the postings or other information in relation to the services provided by the " company ".

  4. It is entirely a matter between the " user " and the advertisers that the " user " communicates or deals by using the advertisements listed on the service or participating in the advertisers ' promotional activities through the service. In the event of a problem between " user " and " advertiser ", the " user " and " advertisers " shall resolve the problem themselves and in this regard the " company " shall not assume any liability unless it is provided that the " company " has been actively involved in the illegal activities of the advertisers, or that the company has intentionally or has neglected the illegal acts as a serious error.


Article 16 (Deletion of postings)

  1. " Company " shall delete all " postings " (including text, images, videos, various files, links or comments) in the service published or communicated by " Members " without prior notice and shall not be held liable for such deletion.

    1. Social order and other well-publicized postings

      1. In case of posting information that could damage national ideology or seriously jeopardize the free and democratic basic order ;

      2. To differentiate or adjust prejudice against gender, religion, disability, age, social status, race, region or occupation

      3. In case a social weak person, such as disabled person, elderly person, pregnant woman or child, or a specific description of the killing, assault, intimidation or abuse of parents or teachers ;

      4. In case of writing a cruel act of ignoring life, such as excessive damage to the body or body using a weapon or a weapon ;

      5. For suicidal purposes or to develop information that may cause U.S., assisted, or suicidal tendencies.

      6. Use of coarse language or foul language and slang that may cause offense to others ;

      7. In case of posting an unsubstantiated slander or spreading false information or inciting a false accusation ;

      8. Contents that promote the gambling spirit, such as gambling, are written ;

    2. Obscene publications

      1. Sexual harassment resulting in sexual humiliation and offence against the perception of the common person ;

      2. Excessive physical exposure, indecent expression of male and female genitals, or sexual abuse

      3. Create pictures, graphics, videos, and content that are offensive to the public.

      4. Create content to advertise pornographic software, music, photos, graphics, videos, and more, or provide links to other sites that post obscene postings.

      5. To arrange prostitution or to arrange a meeting for sex purposes ;

      6. Direct and specific representation of a child or young adult as a subject of sexual entertainment ;

    3. Privacy violation and defamation postings

      1. In case a person has written a material that is significantly concerned about the privacy and freedom of his or her privacy, such as the dissemination of personal information ;

      2. In case a photo or video of another person is uploaded without due authority and a content has been created that significantly violates the person's right to be identified ;

      3. In case an insult is unintentionally insulting another person or the reputation of another person by stating facts or facts that are false ;

    4. A copyright infringement notice

      1. In case of copying, distributing or transmitting the results generated by the intellectual activities of others, such as broadcasting, music, movies, novels, mobile games or cartoons, without the consent of the copyright holder ;

      2. In case of an unauthorized violation of a copyright or trademark right belonging to the copyright holder ;

      3. Free download of copyrighted software, etc., or share a CD key auto-generation program, etc.

      4. In case intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, design rights or copyrights, are infringed without due authority, such as the use, implementation or dissemination of other persons ' trademarks or works.

    5. Other Sanctions

      1. List multiple identical content, or register the same content repeatedly for each bulletin.

      2. The use of community services, such as impersonating an administrator, is inconsistent with this purpose.

      3. If it is considered malicious to report information that does not fall under the restriction on several occasions, the standard of sanctions on the posts and the user's criteria and types of sanctions shall be compliant with the " Operation Policy " in the " Service "

  2. In the event a member suffers damage or other problems caused by the " postings " registered in the " services " section, the " members " shall be held liable for such damages and other problems, and the " company " shall not be held liable for such damages unless there is a particular situation.

  3. The company may temporarily suspend the posting of the notice when it receives a request from a third party for defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights from a third party. In the event that the notice has been filed with the company, a lawsuit, agreement or similar decision has been made between the requester and the publisher.


Article 17 (Copyright to Postings)

  1. The copyright of the " postings " posted by the " members " within the " services " belongs to the authors of the posts concerned.

  2. My rights, such as copyright, to the postings made by the " Company " belong to the " Company. "

  3. " Member " allows " Company " to use its postings for any one of the following purposes at home and abroad :

  4. To reproduce, transmit, exhibit, and modify the size of a "member" post within a site linked to the work of a "company" or "company" other than the "service" of a "company" or "company" in order to expose the "publishing" of a "company" to a site screen linked to the work of a "company" other than the "service" or "company" of a "company" in a "company" by means of a conversion, by changing images, simplifying, etc.

  5. To report or broadcast the content of " members " to the media and media organizations in order to promote the " services " of the company. " In this case, however, the " company " does not provide personal information to the media or media organizations without the individual consent of the " members ".

  6. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the event " Company " uses the postings in " Members " in a manner other than those specified in any of the preceding paragraphs, approval of the " Members " shall be obtained in advance. Requests for the use of " Company ", consent of " Member ", and withdrawal of agreement on the postings shall follow the method requested by the " Company ", such as telephone and e-mail. In this case, " Company " indicates the source of the " postings ".

  7. Even if the " member " cancels the " service contract " of the " service ", the postings registered in the " service " name of the " member " are not deleted. " Members " shall delete " postings " directly before leaving the membership if they do not want their postings to be used in the " services " after withdrawal from the membership (however, postings uploaded or saved by a third party may not be deleted).

  8. " Company " may change the posting position of " Postings " without changing the original postings due to the Company's operational policy judgment, merger and transfer of sales.


Article 18 (Contract Disengagement, Termination, etc.)

  1. In the event a member intends to cancel the service contract, he or she can cancel the service contract by applying to the company for cancellation or clicking the " Exit member from the website or mobile application " button and following the withdrawal procedure. The company shall take immediate action as provided under the relevant laws and regulations.

  2. In the event that the " member " cancels the contract, all data in the " member " shall be extinguished upon termination unless the " company " holds the member information in accordance with the relevant laws and privacy policy.


Article 19 (Restriction of Utilization, etc.)

  1. " Company " may restrict the use of " service " in stages by warning, suspension or permanent suspension of service in the event that the member violates the obligations of this Agreement or interfered with the normal operation of the " service ".

  2. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, " Company " can immediately suspend its use if it violates related laws, such as provision and operation of illegal programs in violation of the Copyright Act and the Computer Program Protection Act, illegal communication and hacking, distribution of malicious programs, and excessive access rights. In the event of a permanent suspension of use pursuant to this section, all benefits gained through the use of the " service " will be extinguished and the " company " will not compensate for this.

  3. " Company " shall be subject to the terms and details of the restriction within the scope of this section in the " Operation Policy " of " Services ".

  4. In the event that the use of " service " is restricted or the contract is " canceled " under this section, the " company " shall notify in accordance with Article 9 [Notice of " Member "].

  5. " Member " can raise an objection in accordance with the procedures set forth by " Company " in relation to the restriction on use under this section. If the " Company " accepts the objection as legitimate, the " Company " immediately resumes the use of the " Service ".


Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)

  1. " Company " shall be exempted from the responsibility for the provision of " service " in the event that it can not provide " service " due to natural disasters or the equivalent force majeure.

  2. The " company " shall not be held liable for any failure in the use of " service " due to reasons attributable to the " member ".

  3. " Company " shall not be held liable for the reliability or accuracy of the information, data and facts posted by " Member " in relation to the " Service ".

  4. " Company " shall be exempted from liability in the event of transactions made between " Members " or between " Members " and a third party by means of " Services ".

  5. The " Company " shall not be held liable in connection with the use of the services provided for free unless specified otherwise in the relevant laws.


Article 21 (applicable law and jurisdiction)

  1. The lawsuits filed between " Company " and " Member " shall be governed by the laws of the Grand National Party.

  2. In the event of a dispute between the " company " and " member " regarding the use of the service, the " company " and " member " discuss the dispute faithfully.

  3. If the dispute can not be resolved in the consultation under paragraph 1, the parties shall have the jurisdiction of the local court which governs the address or address of the " Member ".


Article 22 (Company's Contacts)

  1. Mutual : Viva Innovation, Inc.

  2. Representative : Park Han

  3. Address : 17th to 7th and 4th floors of 12-gil, Seoul, (Nonhyeon-dong, Login Building)

  4. Main Phone : 1544-3154

  5. Email address : contact@adoc.co.kr


Article 23 (Attachment)

  1. These Terms and Conditions will become effective from 2020.02.19.

  2. Announcement : 2020.02.12

  3. Implementation Date : 2020.02.19