Consent to provide third party personal information(Sun Medical Center)


VIVA Innovation(hereinafter referred to as "company" or service name "Kindoc") is very important in protecting users' personal information such as the 「Personal Information Protection Act」 and 「Information and Communications Network Utilization Promotion and Information Protection Act」 We comply with the protection regulations and the 「Personal Information Protection Guidelines」 established by the Ministry of Information and Communication.

In accordance with the above laws, we intend to provide the following personal information from the user to a third party. So if you agree after reading the contents carefully, please return to the original screen and follow the instructions on the screen such as "Next", "Agree", "Continue", "Move", and "Get Authentication Number". Please refer to the company's personal information processing policy for more information.

※ If you refuse to agree, the service is not available and does not affect the use of other services.